Genocide on WE Rohingya by Mg Aung Brilliant Kyaw or Muhammad Siraj

Every attempt has been made by the Myanmar government since the of General Be Win to ethically cleanse the Rohingya people and deny the human rights. There were declared stateless, not a single Article of the universal declaration of human rights was honored.

Genocide on ‘We ROHINGYA’ Denial of citizenship and called us Bangli Restriction of movement or travel and made us like disability Restriction on education and made us dreamless. Restriction on ability to work and made us disability Forced labor and made us servant Land confiscation and called us Bangli Destruction of homes , offices, Masjids, schools and made us displaced people. Religious persecution and locked Masjids, Islamic schools…….. Ethic discrimination and made us refugees Restriction on marriage of Rohingya and us depopulation Prevention of reproduction and forced abortion; Arbitrary taxation and extortion Restriction of births and deaths in families and even of cattle, associated of extortion; Abuse of Rohingya women and elders Arbitrary arrest, torture and extra-judicial killing Rape as a weapon of war and made us refugees Depopulation of Rohingya society and confiscation of residency/ citizenship cards Internally displaced people or undocumented refugees and made us statelessness…… Destruction or alternation of historical Muslim sites and shrines to erase its symbolism or Islamic identity and made us as a refugees.


BBC: What You Need to Know About the Crisis


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