Venus by Tamara Lakomy

Tamara Lakomy is an archaeologist, specializing in the occult practices of indigenous people, herself of Berber Amazigh and Slavic descent.  She runs a foundation that operates in East Africa, specializing in the cultural preservation of indigenous tribes, women’s rights and education, she also advises foreign governments on policy. She’s a priestess in training having embraced […]Read Post ›

Redefining the canon — Radical art and craft of Kiriti Sengupta: Brief meditation on his book of prose poems: Reflections on Salvation by Sunil Sharma

This excellent review impresses me most because it interweaves the author’s personal life as dentist with his work as author and poet. We see how the two different personalities are self-complimentary. One’s personal life is what one writes about, after all. I also appreciate the approach the reviewer takes concerning Sengupta’s anti-dogmatic worldview and his […]Read Post ›