IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Beginning next year, Transcendent Zero Press is planning a big project and it includes YOU! That’s right. YOU.


As we mentioned earlier this year, all who subscribe to the journal get a free copy of Adam Levon Brown’s chapbook Embedded Memories of a Shooting Star. As a subscriber, you are entitled to four copies of our journal. For only $35!


We are also planning another surprise. Each person who orders a single copy of Harbinger Asylum beginning in the Spring 2018 will receive a copy of a chapbook with translated poetry from lady Albanian poets! Each chapbook will also have an essay on Albanian history, especially its poetic tradition. Don’t hesitate! Think quick before you grab more coffee!




Ardita Jatru was born in 1972 in Tiranë, Albania. Her passions include photography, writing, traveling, and time with family and friends. Her poems have been published in these international magazines: Knot Magazine (USA), Section 8 Magazine (USA), Dead Snakes (CANADA), Madison Lake & Erotic Anthology Poetry (USA), 1947 Literary Journal (USA), The Tower (UK) and Duane’s PoeTree (USA). Her poems are also published in Poetix (Greece), Poiein (Greece), Maison de la Poesie Anthology (Belgium), Le capital des most (France), Haemus Review (Romania) and Les Folies- Erotique (France). She lives with her husband and two daughters in Thessaloniki, Greece.



Ledia Dushi was born in 1978 in the northern Albanian town of Shkodra. She studied Albanian language and literature and she continued and finished her master’s and doctoral studies in ethnology-folklore. She worked both as a journalist and in municipal government, where she was responsible for culture in Shkodra City Hall. Then she worked at the University of Beograd as a lecturer for Albanian language and literature. During the last year she worked as a lecturer at the European University of Tirana. She is also a translator from English, Italian and Spanish. She translated authors as Gabriele D’Annunzio, Cesare Pavese, Dylan Thomas, Jorge Luis Borges, Umberto Eco, Andrea Camilleri, Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Jane Austen, Hilary Mantel. Her well-received verse is written primarily in the dialect of Shkodra, gegë. It has been published in the volumes: Ave Maria bahet lot (Ave Maria Turns to Tears), Tirana 1997; Seancë dimnash (Winter’s Session), Shkodra 1999; Me mujt me fjet me kthimin e shpendve (If I could sleep with the bird’s return…), Tirana 2009 and a volume of her verse has also appeared in Italian, Tempo di pioggia (Rainy Weather), Prishtina 2000. Her poems are translated into German, Polish, French, Macedonian, Greek and Serbian.



Trendafile Visha was born in Kolesian, Kukes on 12.6.1966. He completed her studies at the High Institute of Agriculture of Kamez, Tirana. For nearly 20 years he has worked in print media, initially for “Shekulli” newspaper and 16 years for “Gazeta Shqiptare”. In November 2016 she published the book of poetry “I’ve stolen my eyes” and the book of meditations (poetry and poetic prose) “The same luck in 100 journeys”.


Belfjore photo

PhD Belfjore Qose is lecturer of modern world literature at the University of Tirana. She graduated at the same University with excellent results and at 2011 she defended her Master thesis. Her doctoral thesis on Trebeshina (Albanian author) was highly appreciated. She is a member of Albanian Young Academy.

She is a writer and translator, and also dedicated in making literature influential in society, through many reading events she organizes. Her idea of a reading activity “Tirana Reads” became a tradition for the city. Her poems have been published in many well-known literary magazines in Albania and Kosovo, such as “Jeta e re”, “Poeteka”, “Fjala”, “Fjala Review” etc. Her poems have been translated and published in Romanian by A. Ch. Kyçyku, published at “Haemus” Review in Bucharest, she is also translated in English, French, Italian, and Chinese, and published in different literary reviews and anthologies. Her translations from English include authors such as K. Ishiguro, Ch. Bukowski, L. Cohen, B. Dylan, K. Suga, S. Plath, published in literary magazines, such as “Jeta e re” in Pristina and “Fjala Review” in Tirana.

She is recently awarded by the Ministry of Culture of Albania as winner of the competition for the young Albanian authors and is now working on the poetry book “Auras of the night”.


5 comments on “News

  1. I am thrilled that you took the leap form self-publishing to publishing with my book. A poet dreams of a publisher who gets the vision of his/her work and truly embarks on a collaboration to manifest that vision. I’ve been lucky. Thank you for the respect you’ve given my work and voice. Can’t wait to hold that first copy in our hands. Good Luck!


  2. I am both honored and humbled that you would select my chapbook for publication. Thank you so much for offering a platform for both my work and so many far more talented voices.


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