Ken Jones


Pages: 60

Category: Poetry/ General

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DescriptionMr. Karma is an intriguing collection from Ken Jones, a noted poet of Texas. This is also his first book of spiritual poetry; spiritual, that is, in his own light. Embrace witty and profane poetry at its best, and harness your sense of guilt!


Pages: 72 pages

Category: Poetry/General

Price: $11

Description: This collection of early work by poet and punk voice Ken Jones shows his versatile vocab and scientific approach to philosophy. As a cynical, yet humorous, poet, Jones can both revitalize your understanding and shake your worldview. Written with dry wisdom and a brutally honest engagement with life, Life Expectancy is what it sounds like: a death sentence!

Pages: 118 pages

Category: Lyrics in Music

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Description: This book contains archival material from the 1980s Austin Alternative Music scene, as seen though the lens of one band: Austin’s Peace Corpse (later Corps) and their lead singer/ lyricist PoetKen Jones. In these pages you’ll find a treasure trove of lyrics, flyers, photos, tape covers, press clippings and more that document what made the Austin scene of that era a breeding ground for future world renown acts ranging from as the Butthole Surfers to Daniel Johnston, and serves as a history lesson about Austin, the music business, poetry and life itself.

Ken’s protest song for George Floyd went vital at over 18000 listens.



Poet Ken at Starving Artist Gallery Houston Texas, 2014
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Author bio: Ken Jones has published seven full length poetry collections, half a dozen chapbooks and hundreds of individual poems. He performs his original poetry and music regularly. He has been a Finalist for the West Chester Poets Prize, A Pushcart Prize nominee, as well as the 2011 Critics Choice Award winner at the Houston Fringe Festival. The University of Texas at Brownsville has opened a permanent archive of his creative work in their library. His music project Face of the Apocalypse – about Mother Earth’s environmental issues was released December 2014. Most recently Ken has created a novelty record of humorous lyrics called “Keeping Up with the Jones.”