Jake Tringali

Pages: 70 pages

Category: Poetry/General

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Description: This full length collection from Boston poet Jake Tringali is a mysterious reflection on the life process. Written with an intellectual punk rock attitude, we are led through scientific concepts, dives and hangouts, lustful abandon, and openness to new experiences. Many of these poems are published in independent journals.

Jake Tringali

Bio: After living in Los Angeles for many years, Jake is now back in his home city of Boston. Runs rad restaurants. Thrives in a habitat of bars, punk rock shows, and late-night adventures.

First published in 2014. Journals include Catch & Release, Boston Poetry Magazine, Indiana Voice Journal, and forty other fine periodicals.

Jake writes about the edges of society, and frequently about the things we no longer see, such as the hidden letters of the alphabet (“recanted”). With a strong background in cyberpunk and the hard sciences, he has a focus on the intersection of technology and human interaction. The reader will find him equally comfortable inside a mosh pit, or enjoying a 12-course dinner service.

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