Scott Thomas Outlar

Cover art: Christos Karapanos

Pages: 40 pages

Category: Poetry/General

Price: $10

Description: Songs of a Dissident is an imaginative exploration of the human condition as much as a political protest. Outlar is convinced of human evil, arrogance, and willed self-harm, but he also reminds us we have a choice in our lives. He eliminates all cause for idleness and dissipation. At heart, though, he is confused and questions why we could be blind to our own evil. He finds he isn’t the only one asking this question.

Photo: Scott Thomas Outlar

Author bio: Scott Thomas Outlar survived both the fire and the flood – now he dances in celebration while waiting on the next round of chaos to commence. Otherwise, he lives a relatively simple life, spending his time laughing at life’s existential nature, flowing and fluxing with the Tao River, and writing prose-fusion poetry dedicated to the Phoenix Generation. His work has appeared recently in venues such as Underground Books, Dead Snakes, Dissident Voice, Strike-the-Root, Daily Anarchist, Black Mirror Magazine, and The Chaffey Review. Scott can be reached at

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