Submission Guidelines

Following the late winter 2021 edition, Harbinger Asylum will be permanently retired and we are no longer accepting submissions. Keep an eye out for our new online journal Red Letter Review. Details soon!

25 comments on “Submission Guidelines

    • Hello Editor Dustin Pickering. I am Prof. Dr. Laksmisree Banerjee, established Indian-English Poet, University Prof. of English and Culture Studies, with five books of Poetry and widely published and anthologized,other than my many Academic Publications on Poetry. Would you publish some of my poems in your Journal or consider publishing a book of my poems? Dr.Sunil Sharma knows me well and perhaps we have met in FB


    • We publish full collections and chapbooks. We recently released our first chapbook by Scott Thomas Outlar called Songs of a Dissident. You can find it on Amazon or CreateSpace. Full collections are included on our Front Page. Right now, we are not considering books but are focusing on the literary journal Harbinger Asylum. Thank you for asking.

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  1. Might you be interested in a few more poems, these are centred, about the Christian and the sexuality, and relationships, with dark overtones,. And some on spirituality, I had sent some to you, happily you took, one for the Harbinger Asylum Magazine, I ‘d be tempted to send some more to you; if you accept simultaneously submissions? I also have three manuscripts, both of these unpublished if you’re interested? sincerely yours Ray Burt


  2. hi Dustin. would it seem to much too ask, can I send you a manuscript. I have one of many re: the Romany, and the Empire, a play of sorts; I also have several poetry manuscripts; these are of the Christian fortuitous nature; you may be interested in, can I submit these

    Raymond Burt


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