TRANSCENDANTPRESSshindigThis WONDERFUL event is hosted by Dustin Pickering of Transcendent Zero Press! Come out, enjoy a few drinks or a Mexican meal from a prominent establishment! Everyone welcome. Kid friendly! Visiting musicians you won’t want to miss!

For more info, contact Dustin Pickering at (832) 523-0191. If you are a local artist who wishes to showcase, contact me at that number as well. Only a little bit of space available so get in touch quick! Don’t hesitate. You can reach me by email:

If you don’t think you can make it out but would like to support our literary endeavors, you can donate to our ongoing project with Indian scholars here: India Poetry Anthology

Every little bit helps! Thank you.



from left to right: Greg Ponce, Eric Valles, Ulisses Rivera, and Myrna Garibay. Photo by Jonathan Merchan
Photo of Gwen Doll by Sonia Karen
Ken Jones of Ken Jones and Friends






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