t. kilgore splake


Pages: 110 pages

Category: Poetry/General

Price: $11

Description: t. kilgore splake is a poet of the wilderness, a poet of tribute, and a true American wilderness warrior. In this collection, he pays tribute to writers as diverse as Kerouac, Hemingway, Brautigan, and Bukowski. This new collection also includes new poems and poems written to portray Rosetta Cafe, one of the author’s favorite hangout spots. You will find joy in this collection, especially if you enjoy rugged and independent lifestyles.



Pages: 68 pages

Category: Poetry/General

Price: $9

Description: AHHH LIFE is t. kilgore splake wrestling with the Lady Muse, discovering hidden qualities in life, and recognizing the hollowness and sham behind so much of our fantastic humanity.



Pages: 46 pages

Category: Poetry/General

Price: $9.98

Description: t. kilgore splake shares his musings on life, literature, and his most menacing moment…his near suicide. This small collection of poetry will echo in your soul as splake’s impressionistic resonance captivates you and leads you to moments of surreality. splake is a poet of masculinity, candid admissions, and wilderness. His wrestling with the “elusive damn dame lady Muse” are recorded here.



Pages: 24 pages

Category: Poetry/General

Price: $9.98

Description: lost dreams celebrates the ghostly, erotic nature of life. splake reveals his finest thoughts in this collection of terse verse. Although the book is compact, it packs a wild punch for the lusty wilderness dweller.


Pages: 27 pages

Category: Poetry

Price: $10.00

Description: “sacred and obscene” is an existential foray into the mind of poet of Brautigan Creek, t. kilgore splake. In this collection, splake covers subjects such as lust, death, one’s relationship to the deeper things. Introduction puts splake in the light of Heidegger and other thinkers.


t. kilgore splake / image courtesy t.kilgore splake
Photo: t. kilgore splake

Author bio: t. kilgore splake was born as thomas hugh smith in 1936, in three rivers, michigan. while teaching at kellog community college in battle creek, splake began writing poems. in 1989, he chose to take an early retirement as a college professor to live in creative poverty and find his poetic voice. upon retirement, he moved to michigan’s upper peninsula, living for ten years in munising, before moving to calumet in the keweenaw peninsula. presently, splake resides in an old tamarack location ‘row house’ in the ghost copper mining village of calumet. in his twenty years of artistic creativity, splake has become a legend in the small press circles for his writings and photographs. his artistic supporters believe splake possesses and original creative vision and language as well as exhaustive working habits. for four years, splake shared the editorship of a small press literary journal, cliffs soundings, with the upper peninsula potter jikiwe.