Move On by Priyanka Banerjee

My luminous space of blue light vibrates not with the dance of your fingers.

My brown hair touched the constellation of stars,

As I panted like the pristine forest, beneath the sea,

Decades ago –

My umbilical cord connected me

with the root of the earth,

And I visualized your liquid eyes in the evaporating milky path.

I die, yet I live and become unassailable –

Yes! I am your beloved’s wildest fancy, an unstained conch shell, a powerful rebel,

Born to speak up truth through my pores, eyes, breath and clots of blood –

My anxieties shape up the garden of silence –

It’s a silence with no trace of people.

It’s the silence of the retreating sea and the advancing deluge !

Only God can portray the portrait of Surge upon my bosom !

Your infinite absence asserts my all – pervasive presence !

My Rights are my Pride !

Let me do justice to my feminine pores.

Let me fall in love more with my bruises, wounds, dreams, screams –

Touch me, yet I will remain untouched –

Let’s burn the bridge


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