Charles Bane, Jr.

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Category: Feminist Theory

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Description: Charles Bane, Jr. once again takes a route to poetic interpretation that honors the role of small presses in moving poetry toward its most obscure destinies. In this discussion of feminist poetry and its outlier status, Bane explores the rising trend of female poets and what this means to the future of poetry. Small presses are important because they assume risks the larger publishers want to avoid. They set market trends, and are market rogues. Honest small presses that love the craft want to push boundaries, lift curses, and broaden the creative dialogue. The small press is often overlooked in the long run, and Mr. Bane makes special note of the contributions these presses add to the art of poetry. This is not so much playing the devil’s advocate as giving an emerging poetry a solid analysis and voice. Expect an trenchant look into the next big thing in poetry.

An except of this wonderful discussion is available at HuffPost.


Pages: 56 pages

Category: Poetry/General

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Description: Charles Bane, Jr. is a poet of humanism and its ideality. He embraces love, beauty, and kindness in his work. As a nominee for State Poet Laureate of Florida, he has carefully selected the poems he feels are worthy of publication as a full collected edition. This book includes The Chapbook, originally published by Curbside Splendor, and Love Poems published by Aldrich Books. It also brings fresh poems to the reader, including Masai poems that have only recently been published. Charles Bane, Jr.’s anticipated collection captures the spirit of being-in-the-world.

Thoughts on Charles Bane, Jr.’s work: 

“Bane’s work not only stands on the shoulders of giants, it shrinks them…He accomplishes an extraordinary task in balancing the past with the present, all the while communicating a sense of unison and heartfelt understanding between poet and reader.” – The Huffington Post

“Charles Bane, Jr.’s language transforms human love into glory” –Kimberly Johnson, author, Virgil’s Georgics, A New Translation (Penguin Classics)

“Charles Bane, Jr.’s poems made me want to believe in love. To believe not only in the sublime, rhapsodic state, but in romantic expression. The urgency of his words and the freshness and surprise of his language provide an eloquent assertion that Romantic poetry and love poetry are not a historical past” -Ariana Nash, winner of the 2011 Philip Levine Prize for Poetry for her collection, Instructions For Preparing Your Skin.

“America’s finest lyric poet.” – Buzzfeed

“We aren’t used, in this ravaged era, to poems of happiness, and yet that rarity is what Charles Bane, Jr., offers us. An offering it is, nor can we doubt that this poet conceives poetry as a sacramental endeavor, with human love as our nearest approach to the divine. He takes Buber’s ‘I and Thou’ a step further to form what he calls a “monotheism of we.” Judaism is supremely the religion of reinterpretation, and this poet’s embodiment of it demonstrates that historical tragedy finds its best answer in the tender bonds we form in order to choose not death but life.” – Alfred Corn, Poet and Essayist, winner of the Levinson, Blumenthal and Dillon Prizes.

Photo: Charles Bane
Photo: Charles Bane, Jr.

Author bio: Charles Bane, Jr. is the American author of The Chapbook (Curbside Splendor), Love Poems (Aldrich Press), and Three Seasons: Writing Donald Hall (Collection of Houghton Library, Harvard University). He created and contributes to The Meaning Of Poetry series for The Gutenberg Project.