Future Releases

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Poet and translator Lyn Coffin, recently published by TZPress with The Adventures of a Boy Named Piccolo and This Green Life: New and Selected Poems , won the prestigious Saba Literary Prize 2016 in the Republic of Georgia. You can find more information here: http://agenda.ge/news/65589/eng

We are planning the release of  a collection by elena botts called the sadness of the snow in the coming months! elena’s artwork can be found here: http://o-mourning-dove.tumblr.com/ Keep on the lookout!

Chicken Shit by Kik Williams will be released as a chapbook sometime next year. This is a delightful book of erotic and humorous verse with chicken themes.


5 comments on “Future Releases

  1. Thanks for the information. The list seems to show my name, but with two mistakes. It will be Mohammad Nurul Huda, not Muhammad Nural Huma.


  2. Thank you for selecting me. It’s an honour indeed to be featured in a prestigious anthology like this. There is a small typo. My last name may please be spelled as “Uppaluri”.

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