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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Transcendent Zero Press is putting a call out for love poems. We aren’t looking for everyday love poetry. We want to examine love in each of its aspects– the feeling of love, the process of love, ways to sustain a happy marriage, the difficulty of marriage, how one first recognizes one loves, how the loved is perceived, and why do we love. We aren’t just expecting romantic love verse. We’d love to hear about love between friends, from parents, between siblings, brotherly love, religious love and compassion, empathy, even the dark side of love such as obsession and the violent twists of emotion love can trap you in. Can love be self-immolating? Do you have a Romeo and Juliet story? Does love make you reach to the sky? Do you celebrate love? How do you know when you are in love?

The ultimate question we seek to define is what is the nature of love? We expect a broad range of explorations into this question. Don’t be shy! All ages welcome. Submissions should be placed in the body of the email, not as attachments. Our final submission deadline is October 31, 2018. Email for submission: tzploveanthology@gmail.com. Address to Claudine Nash. Limit three pieces.

Those accepted into the anthology will receive a PDF copy once the book is complete. The physical edition will be on sale for $9.00 through Amazon.















UPCOMING COLLECTION FROM JAKE TRINGALI! Mr. Tringali has seen his poems published in Harbinger Asylum over the years. View the official press release here: Tringali PR



17 comments on “Future Releases

  1. Thanks for the information. The list seems to show my name, but with two mistakes. It will be Mohammad Nurul Huda, not Muhammad Nural Huma.


  2. Thank you for selecting me. It’s an honour indeed to be featured in a prestigious anthology like this. There is a small typo. My last name may please be spelled as “Uppaluri”.

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