Appraisals: Kiriti Sengupta

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Appraisals: Kiriti Sengupta highlights the commentary written about the bestselling Indian author Kiriti Sengupta. Sengupta is a radical traditionalist with a keen eye for cosmopolitan detail. This collection will introduce you to who he is as a person and author, the sacrifices he has made to become the spiritual guide his works reveal, and his own reflections through the writings of collegues, academics, thinkers, teachers, and publishers. Appraisals: Kiriti Sengupta is an awakening to the presence of divine energy flowing through all living beings, an avenue to openness and revelation, and a commentary on a writer who is saying a lot the world needs to hear. This book is not a pleasure trip into a narcissistic delusion; rather, it is a beautiful invitation to a bounty of thought and spiritual wisdom. This book tells you why Sengupta is important. It is brought to you by American small press Transcendent Zero Press. In today’s miserable political climate, a light breeze in the form of literature is welcome.

Kiriti Sengupta, bestselling India poet and author

Kiriti Sengupta is a poet, editor, and translator from Calcutta, India. He has published nine books of poetry and prose, including Reflections on Salvation, The Earthen FluteA Freshman’s Welcome, Healing Waters Floating Lamps, The Reverse TreeMy Dazzling Bards, My Glass of WineThe Reciting Pens, and The Unheard I; two books of translation, Desirous Water by Sumita Nandy, Poem ContinuousReincarnated Expressions by Bibhas Roy Chowdhury; and is the co-editor of five anthologies, Scaling HeightsJora Sanko–The Joined BridgeEpitaphsSankarak, and SelfhoodSengupta’s poems have been widely anthologized, both nationally and internationally, in KrityaTaj Mahal ReviewLabyrinthGrey Sparrow JournalDukoolWilderness House Literary ReviewInk Sweat and Tears, Mad Swirl, and elsewhere. More at