Sponsors and Supporters of Transcendent Zero Press

Our founder, Dustin D. Pickering, has worked at Denson Home Health for several years as an office assistant. The company president offered to allow us to print Harbinger Asylum’s breaking issue on the office copier. This was the beginning of a radical new thing. We resurrected the art of the zine for poetry’s sake.

Suzanne Denson has been a lifeline for the founder’s poetry aspirations, and a patron of the efforts of Transcendent Zero Press for several years.

Glynn Monroe Irby is one of TZPress’s graphic designers. We thank him for his hard and beautiful work.

Adriana Babiak-Vazquez and Luis Vazquez: two doctoral students at Our Lady of the Lake University in leadership studies. They were the facilitators of the Coffee Oasis reading where we first showcased the NASA protest issue (#4) of Harbinger Asylum. They have expressed continual support and have made contributions to help the journal flourish. They are also friends.

Vera Ikon is one of our artists and graphic designers as well. She is always interested in new jobs and clients. She can be reached at https://www.facebook.com/veraiconism. Here is a sample of her work:

PW Covington is a Texas poet and disabled veteran who served during the early 90’s in Mogadishu, Somalia. He has also traveled the world widely, spent time as a Beatnik bum in San Francisco, and served time in a Texas prison. His fictional memoir of that experience is Dear Elsa, Letters from a Texas Prison. He has also written books of poetry, and is a peer counselor for veterans. He occasionally shows up in Houston to attend Transcendent Zero Press readings, and has made a donation during a period of decline in sales to push the magazine forward.

Stuti Shree is a student, poet, and artist in India. She guest edited our Spring 2019 edition and her artwork will be featured on a cover sometime later this year.

Chuck Taylor is a professor at Prairie View A&M University, former Shakespeare scholar, and owner of the small press Slough Press. He has been a contributor through frequent prose poems, and has been an adviser to the journal’s marketing efforts. He has also defined the copy shop editions of the journal as being akin to the punk zines of the 90’s. He encourages the founder to continue his efforts, and has also supported Z. M. Wise with encouraging words.

Have a look at our press allies!

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