Andre de Korvin


Pages: 94 pages

Category: Poetry/General

Price: $10

Description: The day clocks spoke Russian, broken glass littered the streets accurately reflecting a shattered world and stocks were going up and down like heartbeats of a terminally ill patient. That day, I sat down to write a poem. On the other side of the poem, I saw my father jotting down another stanza. A rose was blooming on the tip of his pen.


Pages: 102 pages

Category: Poetry

Price: $12.00

Description: A One Winged Angel is an exploration through the dark wilderness of humanity.


Author bio: André de Korvin was born in Berlin, Germany from Russian parents. Raised in Paris, France. He has a Ph.D. in Mathematics from UCLA and has taught for many years at the University of Houston-Downtown. His first book of poems “The Four Hard Edges Of War “came out in 1992. A bilingual edition of that book ( English and Italian ) came out in 1999. The Four Hard Edges of War was later put into music (see third option) His second book “Dreaming Indigo Time” came out in January 2005. He has three books of poems very near their final versions. He was featured poet in 1989 at the Houston Poetry Fest and guest poet in 1998 . He has been published in a number of literary magazines including Buffalo Press, The Bayou Review, Bayousphere, IE., Arrowsmith, Green Fuse, International Voices, the Forum, Suddenly IV, The Texas Review, Lyric, The Weight of Addition and Time Slice ( two anthologies of Texas poets).


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