Beloved by Priyanka Banerjee

Love’s curse, sin’s death, epiphanic venture of the proud moment, curves and turns! The still lake of crooked instincts ruin the paralyzed soul, Searching for a half bent bough breeding another lore of The Native shore. The deepest utterances relish painless sighs. Waves of light play with the surge of the river Nile – Mysterious […]Read Post ›

Deconstructive Stylistic Reading of Kiriti Sengupta’s Reflections on Salvation by Dr. Susanta Kumar Bardhan

  Department of English, Suri Vidyasagar College, Birbhum, West Bengal, India Contact:       Honest criticism and sensitive appreciation is directed not upon the poet but upon the poetry T. S. Eliot in “Tradition and Individual Talent” (1974: 20)   Introduction Among the present practicing Indian English poets, Kiriti Sengupta occupies a unique […]Read Post ›

Desert confession by S. L. Davidson

She took me out into the desert  on sufferance, for I had learned  to please her with my mouth  and with my Jewishness,  which is not real like her Jewishness,  but earned, like a hangover.    I made love to her underground,  in an old tomb where,  the Pharisees presumed, the soul  must rot for all eternity with the body  until the day of greater dissolution.    She cried and told me I had saved her,  later on I learned she never loved me,  and I wondered, guiltily, if I knew now  what it was like to be Jesus.  from the forthcoming collection Songs of Crisis, to be published by Angelico Press in the spring of 2018.