EIC Dustin Pickering


Pages: 80 pages

Category: Poetry/General

Price: $8.50

DescriptionThe Daunting Ephemeral explores the quirky and creative side of life, and embraces spirituality from a humanistic worldview. Pickering misappropriates the language of religion and some of its history to ask the reader if our conceptions of the divine are overly simple, and if we can embrace awe and mystery without compunction. Pickering’s first full-length collection of poems also includes The Vanishing Point, a short chapbook published in 2012. The author pursues questions most people are afraid to ask: “If God exists, why do I not believe?” The Daunting Ephemeral will not answer life’s mysteries, but it will provide a backdrop for curiosity, imagination, and struggle. It will ask the reader to stare deeply into the eyes of the Unknown– and ask if it is truly the Unknown, does it truly know it is?



Pages: 66 pages

Category: Poetry/General

Price: $9

Description: On the week of his 32nd birthday, Pickering spawned a notebook of poems. This collection is taken from that notebook. The poems are gothic meets beatnik, fate meets rebellion against destiny, rage and protest, and finally love gone terribly wrong.


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Author bio: Dustin Pickering is founder of Transcendent Zero Press and EIC of Harbinger Asylum. His published works not featured here are The Alderman: Spurious Conversations with Jim Morrison (Alien Buddha Press), Salt and Sorrow (Chitrangi Publishers), A Matter of Degrees (Hawakal Publishers), Knows No End (Hawakal Publishers) and several “spurious conversations” anthologies. He has also written articles, introductions, and reviews for a variety of books and authors.