Postcolonial Poetry: The Traumatized Race Speaks Up webinar

I hosted this webinar with Priyanka Banerjee the day after Thanksgiving to celebrate cultures across the world. The focal points were South Africa’s experience with Apartheid and Toru Dutt, the foremother of Indian poetry in English. There were poetry readings from Pankhuri Sinha in India and Z. M. Wise recited a portion of the Haitiade, […]Read Post ›

Concussion by Jill Sharon Kimmelman

I didn’t choose to say                                yes or no when a falling lamp knocked me                 to my knees not a soul beside me on that floor                            no one to hear my whispered pleas Placed like a sausage inside a tube incessant knocking                                                           relentless pain   Good news!         no stroke or bleeding brain […]Read Post ›