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Dustin Pickering

Poet, Editor, Writer, Artist and Speaker


Dustin is an autodidact and eccentric who has a passion for the written word. He believes symbolism and analogy are components to powerful art. HIS ARTWORK frequently uses the color green because it contains symbolic synergy, represents growth, and has a pleasant effect on the eyes. Living rooms and bedrooms are perfect to contain his artwork. Dustin’s art ranges from curious abstract expressionism to surrealist cartoons that spoof religion and politics. He employs symbolic content to engage the viewer with their deeper self and thought. “Art is process of discovery for the artists, and the public,” believes Dustin. His earliest influences were Picasso, Dali, and van Gogh. He is an internationally acclaimed poet with a following. His poetry ranges from surrealist to metaphysical in one collection. He writes on love, faith, and cosmology in a way that descends from Blake and Mallarme. He poeticizes love through a dialectic of beauty and intellect engaging with tradition in a radical language. His Christian humanist perspective informs his work through his earliest influences of Michelangelo, Plath, Leonard Cohen, and Donne. He has coordinated and spoke at events in Houston, Texas including the triannual Shindigs, and Barnes and Noble open mic Tuesdays. His interpersonal gifts enable him to be an apt conversationalist with a variety of people. Dustin is a published reviewer with work in World Literature Today, Cafe Disenssus, Inflectionist Review, and a blurb in Anders Carlson-Wee’s paperback debut The Low Passions. Author of numerous poetry collections, a bizarro short fiction collection, a horror thriller novella, a fairy tale, and essays featured on Huffington Post for the discontinued contributor platform, Dustin has a wide knowledge and commitment to the arts. He hosted two poetry workshops at Austin International Poetry Festival with a strong attendance. Currently he works with The New York Parrot Literary Corner as an anchor for their engaging video interview series. He represented lastbench little magazine at the New York City Poetry Festival in 2019 and curated their anti-Trump special edition that year. His poetry and arts journal Harbinger Asylum has sustained ten years of quarterly publication. He is a Pushcart and Best of the Net nominee. You may see his Linktree here. You will find several of his writings and links to his activities there.


New York Parrot Literary Corner
New York City, NY

Public Poetry
Feature Poet
Houston, TX

Austin International Poetry Festival
Workshop leader
Austin, TX


Dustin is willing to review your book, edit your manuscript, and offer advice on overcoming the obstacles to the craft. Email: desireofdogs@gmail.com.