Beloved by Priyanka Banerjee

Love’s curse, sin’s death, epiphanic venture of the proud moment, curves and turns!

The still lake of crooked instincts ruin the paralyzed soul,

Searching for a half bent bough breeding another lore of The Native shore.

The deepest utterances relish painless sighs.

Waves of light play with the surge of the river Nile –

Mysterious shower craving for green bower;

Dilapidated pyramids of the land of tombs,

Thickets, soft grassy floor

That enchanted queens and pregnant mistresses of the bygone era.

Love steals light from the darkest nights

Of the unconscious mind,

Losing its hold over naked dreams.

Love plays with the shining days

That no more torment the walls

And Cozy nights!

Love dies, yet remains alive,

Defying innumerable ties

That once engulfed the beloved and her knight.

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