Pearl Harbour by Priyanka Banerjee

Fire spread up in the dark sky !

The call came from the darkest space of sublime  togetherness.

Touched lips recreated history of burdened hearts,

Aspiring for love.

Blasted bombs tore the Nation apart.

The Red Cross knight moved forward !

Striking tornadoes ripped the ship apart.

Blue hills tempted brave hearts.

Mysteries of bodies allured marching soldiers.

The call comes from the blue space of the  merging hearts !

White flags and black smoke and green water, 

Bare bosom clings to nostalgic hearts, beating fast !

Layers of clouds absorb golden rays of history’s light.

They fight 

For love and peace !

Strike hard till the ships melt into green water .

Pearl Harbour !

You reside within,

Where the risen

Jesus laments not for death and massacre.

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