Preview of Rupali Saini’s SHOTS: Tell It Slant by Dustin Pickering

Rupali Saini’s short fiction encapsulates worlds invoking relationships that are often complicated by situations. Her protagonists work around tricky and embarrassing situations and their behaviors often reveal aspects of human nature invoking shame and sympathy. The central themes involve sexuality and the limitations imposed on its expression. In reading these stories, we are confronted with a reality of female empowerment that does not threaten male roles, but rather enhances the understanding of women’s needs and expectations. These stories live in the reader for contemplation. During the era of #metoo and general discontent, these stories offer humor, radical empathy and fresh perspectives from a female academic. Saini’s stories are ones of intriguing importance. Each story is a microcosm of our understanding and behavior. 

Rupali Saini is a poet, activist, writer and wanderer who prefers to ramble in the world of her imagination. Alone but never lonely, Rupali calls herself God’s favorite. She is fond of tapping her feet with a story in her mind, and a random choreographer. When she is not weaving the subtleties of human heart through her poignant tales, she is an assistant professor and a passionate teacher, who loves to teach learning through questioning. Her work has been featured in various journals and anthologies. You can find Rupali on

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