Cravings by Mallory Godwin

I look into her and it’s quite possible that there is fire burning in the ocean of her eyes. Impossible to most but if you knew her you’d know she is far from typical. She runs through the night and she’ll take your hand to challenge your worthiness. On a ride that will leave you craving her mere existence. She’ll burn in your brain like the end of a cigarette and stain you with the color red. She is the sweetest dream you’ll ever encounter and the passion she has will bring you to your knees. If I didn’t believe in anything I believed in her because I would give up everything just to chase her. I would lose my mind to always be on hers. I would inevitably fight her demons and face them for eternity just to see that fire everyday. She was a world of the best damn thing I had ever known and I would walk through hell with her if that’s what she wanted.

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