With This Kiss by Kai Coggin

With this kiss,
take my words
and find them in your mouth,
the silence is our ballad,
the stillness – our dancing,
we are of another world,
standing in our bodies without movement,
but flying as whirlwinds of stars, as the waltzing soul.
My heartbeat is a riotous chanting,
it has called you since time began,
it calls you still.
With this kiss
taste my sounds
like ripened fruit
swallowed down into your chest,
pulp ringing,
singing, the way beginnings do,
my mouth is a portal,
an arrow,
the arching bow,
pulled back into an open fire
waiting to breathe
into the cavern of your face,
replace the emptiness with all of me,
the beckoning insides
that call out to me from your heart,
I hear your song in the movement of earth,
the way in which everything harmonizes into one chord,
the reverberation that I can isolate
as the hum of your bones,
I feel you in everything and in nothing at all.
With this kiss,
become the dream that I am writing,
the canvas page blank becoming full,
the requited yearning,
the wishing star and the night as it falls softly
onto my lips, with this kiss.

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