Snowflakes by Mark Brawn

Still feeling choking excitement
no time to breathe
just time to move
and gather speed
This sad chasm
void between tracks
you’re either endlessly wrong
or endlessly
coming back
I know a place
where people
don’t live like this
where they pass through walls
like easy ghosts
always in the light
Light and survive.
The only animals
that live willingly in snares
and take each other
for walks around
their wounds
Illusions have the prettiest shine
The struggle is over
freedom is at hand
but sometimes running unharnessed
is harder than running in sand
A new man is born from a collision
Do nothing.
Come to motionless beauty
with all senses awake
Someone has just blown out a candle
and made a wish
but I never saw them
too busy thinking
about the spines of trees
cracking in the breeze
You are my number one casualty
but you gave empty handed
and walked out so casually
that it’s almost a shame
to draw webs on your name
A restless woman
is a dangerous thing
she might leave before breakfast
and whistle
in another field
or stand up and
fold before your eyes
Punished for wanting to travel faster than life
To the surface we must go
and when we get there
we’ll break it
I must sink deep into the well
to hoist a spark of life
on this tarnished chain
I demand access to somewhere quieter and greener
Advice to poets:
Copyright The Estate of Mark Brawn

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