The Assassinator by Bitan Chakraborty

Very symbolic! It engages in a symbolism of cause and effect. Why people fight revolution and why does desperation encourage discontent? Leave us your thoughts in the comments.


Bitan Chakraborty is the South Bengal Ambassador for Literature Studio. He completed his post-graduation in Software Development from Jadavpur University, Calcutta, and later he spent eight long years learning and actively participating in Theater under the auspices of the esteemed Jangam. Bitan does not quite like to be marked as an Engineer, and he dreams to live a life of a theater artiste.He has established Hawakaal Publishers in the year 2010, and has published many Bengali writers and poets. Bitan has recently published a few important books of English literature under his banner, and he is currently busy in compiling a collection of his short stories, which will be included in his upcoming book Santiramer Cha.




One comment on “The Assassinator by Bitan Chakraborty

  1. The story has quite a few interesting facets. Initially it creates an air of suspense, where the common reader is lured in anticipation of a mystery unfolding, a crime as a central theme and the promise of the associated thrill it brings along. The writer successfully accomplishes that with the uncanny buildup of characters. At a subconscious level the reader is almost aware of the dream like sequence, and the unreal feel of events, however is unsure. He reads along with this amused uncertainty and unearths the secret in the last few lines. The essence lies in the twist at the tail, which successfully stimulates the intellectual quotient of the reader as well as generates a very strong message. Liked the personification of revolution in ‘biplab’ and the inspiration it draws from ‘Abani Bari acho’.
    Well written!

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