That Old Speech by Jennifer Rodriguez

Generations waiting to be heard and there being no voice to listen
After wasting these gifts sought after so long ago
Needlessly there are moments given
Nothingness something less than a canceled state must be left to human trait
By this will trying thus simplicity of chaos must override the source?
No dreaming
No being
No solvent of seeing
On ghostlike strings, harmony brings reasons of energy
Thoughts and synergy
Prevail no sorrow onto this sphere for revolving, evolving life is here
So touching a sign as to reach tremendous light healing horrendous fight
Mercy which masses no youth friendly by might justifying the truth
A simple reflex of the natural understood before reason
Often dismissed for knowledge is the abyss of modern season

No simple delight may distract, justify, confess, wonder, reach, or impeach

Traces of imagination left in this sight
As to ask for the sun shining on a black midnight
A wish nor nothing is still something under this pale of gloom
Calling a collective a doom
Washing the individual void of whom when ask what of one is
Too soon after all for a being so small
Even to be aware of it all is still much more than a short fall
With cause and creation, a genetic implication
What is the sum or the explanation to teach?
An equation of the questions for the future

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