Let the Air Suck At My Bones (Love Has Been My Ruin) by Poppy Ruth Silver

A mermaid’s world is to know secrets that no mortal being would know
It is to communicate with shadows amidst waxing waves
That no soul would dare to approach

Her natural curves sighed with vibrant warmth from salty whispers of the womb
A gentle breeze curled itself around her graceful exhalation

Only the sun had not shown his face for some time
She reflected on the sadness without him
The betrayal she felt beneath her scales
Her lacklustre smile that once lighted the way for all fishermen

True love…

That is what she had held a glimpse of
Now emotion simply floated on the surface and reflected her loss
For you see even a mermaid can fall in love

So many times she had saved a human
How was she to know that this one would claim her heart?
She constantly thought about him
Infinitely yearned to walk upon the shore so she could stand tall with him
Place a kiss upon his frustration that he often voiced to the water’s charm

There was no option but to join in the call
Create a sound like no other
She wanted her scream to resonate through stone
Right down to the ocean floor where even the sand would be disturbed
She wanted the sky itself to recognise her in her watery grave

So utterly alone

Trapped between soft clouds and seaweed
Claustrophobic in vastness
Choked on freedom
Each ripple plunged her to damning depths
Her thoughts had never been so darkened
Would it make any difference if she were never to sing again?

Her senses had lost direction
The rain fell from all sides of her perception
Once a creature at home in her surroundings
She was now a stranger stranded

Love had left her suspended
She swam closer to the shore

Love had created an ache within her that no storm could quench
Closer still to dry land


So utterly alone
For the rest of time


She welcomed death’s curious touch
As she whispered
“Love, you have been my ruin.”

Her last words flickered away from home
Whilst she allowed the air to suck at her bones

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