In-A-God-A-New-Vita by Daniel Garcia Ordaz

Poor wretch. It refused team in shores.

Why people want to come here, I don’t know.

Crashing mosaic fluttering destiny,

Ramp and indulgent strangers energized by time


Why people want to come here? I don’t! No!

Instinctive double-cross of oceans leaves. Love’s behind.

Rampant indulgent strangers, the energized, buy time.

Into one another we must feed.


Instinctive doubt. Crossing ocean  leaves loves behind.

Hunt and gather luggage, gun, and blanket.

In two, one.    Another we must feed.

Compass , compact Bible, community.


Hunt and gather lug. Gauge gun and blank it.

Faceless names on tiered family trees.

Come. Pass . Come, packed Bible. Come, Unity.

Genetic disconnection—planned in retrospect.


Face less names.     On, tired family trees!

Foreign heirs air different goals.

Genetic disc connection planned in retro specs.

Poor: wretched refuse teaming shores.

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