I Want to Give by Daniel Aguirre

An intuition.

I want to give you everything that I didn’t have as a child. All that was not given to me from anybody or anything. I want to give you that which was given to me from father Helios The Word spoken from deep beneath the soil that caresses the sea. The immeasurable value for all that was and is becoming. From the beginning came the end and the end I s the becoming. Forgive me if I speak in riddles but the blessed few that know are who these words are intended for. I will my becoming because my will is compelled. Being is androgynous (antinomial) – the ever vanishing moments. Like Christ I am crucified on the quaternary and am subject to the principles that loom over me A fountainhead and the source of all life.
Peer in and sing back to the voice at the bottom of the well The voice that gave you eyes and ears to hear the very hymns sprouting there.
Climb down to the depths and take notice that you linger above the atmosphere!

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