For Mike Vecchio My First Love by Kathryn Ann Stewart

For Mike Vecchio My First Love
October 2011

When the grip of sorrow held my hand I was not seduced.
I told you then and tell you now the truth.
For years I did resist all memories – all I could do in your absence
was speculate. Why did you chose another over the love I gave? I would
not want to share my grief, to share the thought I loved you still –
in days gone by I knew my fate. It was, I thought, for me, too late.
A question with no answer gradually receeds into a silent space.
Clouds must exist above the oceans of deep space ,
where I want to sail with you in lighter gravity
than with the weight my of errors,
I dream of islands we can visit in the starfilled skies, some
which might rotate or revolve and where we can
speculate on the songs of space
Stars are waiting to sail galaxies
on solar winds in prismatic space. We
could sail on their own ships,
they might wait until a new joy surrenders to a
new chance, the anchors unchained.
We could live together between the difference
between ecstacy and madness a safe place between
lost love and where new love awakes
far from the strange and twisted place
We could could we breach the time lost
the distance between now and wait
with dreams with light on emerald landscapes
and sapphire lakes.
I loved you first and loved you now
I think you at last know why and how

Vecchio, look at the sky tonight with me
I know which star is Quasar
that it sends water into a vacume,
it liquifies, and …i think and want everyone to know….
The way he looked at me,
Although I am an empty thing
He creates a glimmering
then the void is opened,
I know the water flows in space
bound by dark matter,
things we fear are nearer now.
I will drink star water on waves
Come drink with me.
You said you were thirsty.

2 comments on “For Mike Vecchio My First Love by Kathryn Ann Stewart

  1. Very happy to report Mike Vecchio and I have reunited and are in love .After all the years our feelings never died. plan. We are working on a timetable to reestablish our relationship. I am surprised at how lucky I am to have him in my life again. Vecchio was his nom de plume. We tried to find each other for years. He is a good and wonderful as he always was. The man has tremendous honor.


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