The Vast Majority by Dustin Pickering

The martyrs of civilization are bleeding in disgust.  Time only reveals the secret of human trust.  The contortionist act of glory stirs up a mess.  There are three men behind this evil: Father, Son and Holy Ghost.  This Trinity allows civilization to prosper and be free.  Of course, the hypocrisy is left unspoken.  Mind over matter, that’s what they say.  Yet mind has no power over matter.  The racist and hateful bigots of conservative views speak of nations and “realisms” together, as if they were one.  Do we really need hate and worms to grow on our flesh?  The right-wing army says “Yea!”  However, the dreamers and true warriors have to defer this argument.  Do you think your god would approve?



Insurance Agent #1:  Ah, the day breaks in my window.  I see the street corners alight with glow and bless this beauty.

Insurance Agent #2: The wretched race of humanity desires socialism, not poverty.  Yet poverty is what they will get.  Because I fail to see the difference.

Insurance Agent #3:  God is vengeful, yet somehow merciful.  He could kill these liberals yet allows them to live.  Equality is their plea.  Lord, forgive them.

Insurance Agent #2:  The spirit that conquers all things with grace still lives.  How do we know that the complacent masses will not rise?  The sun also rises.  And with it, glory falls.

Insurance Agent #3:  There is already chaos in the order of things.  How do we know that dreams are saved for writing?  That script is like the ocean I can see, yet gloom overcomes me.

Angel #1:  The heart hardens against bitter words.  Your hatred is without foundation.  Your claims are supercilious at best.  Your ego suffers.

Angel #2:  Do you really believe God is as good as gold?  That his ways are generous? 

Angel #3: I have heard enough rubbish in one week.  I will follow you to the grave.  Your ways do not stand, they only fall.  We must divide the spoils.  Your ways are senseless, and greed divides among nations.  Yet god knows best.  He is the creator of our fallen senses.

Insurance Agent #1:  If we have fallen, we shall rise again.  It is Sunday.

Angel #2:  If god is so powerful, why won’t he fix the fallen earth?  Restore it to its proper balance?  I do not understand why the human race must suffer for an apple of knowledge. 

Angel #1:  God is selfish.  He wants only his ways.  So to hell with him. 

Insurance Agent #3:  I am loyal and divided against truth.  Governments are rapacious and never cease to steal and plunder.  Yet it is sane and logical.  It is acceptable.

Angel #1:  It is neither acceptable nor logical.  It is the worst of evils.  I fear the worst where governments tread, and spread their misty wings.  Peace will never lodge there; peace is calamity to the agents of death.

Insurance Agent #3:  Apparently god only wanted that love for himself.  He is the Son and the Father.  This proves he is self-created, and nothing surpasses him in glory.

Insurance Agent #2:  We all want peace, yet none shall have it.  The reign of terror has only begun.

Angel #1:  Time will only bring more horrors, more deaths, more murders.  War never ceases, for it is shallow.  And the tides rise and fall, only to bring us the starkest fruits of labor.  Our work of death remains, and only God can plunder the human heart.  The struggle will continue, and only the fair will die.  Truth is a greedy warrior for power.  Truth envies its own brilliance. 

Angel #3:  We are invisible light, and our molecules dance with energy.  We do not exist for our own sake, only for the sake of truth.  God does not want peace for this race.  He only wants greed and plunder.  Otherwise he would have brought us down a long time ago.

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