Ball Effort by Victor Ty

Taken crumpets fall dole.
Two ward the kitchen hole.
Paling towns sear in wait.
Peepers are wee weight.
Coasting, he doubts street.
Corner to get cottage and wheat.

Thickets fire up Wheezy.
The drink is for your baby.
Pleasantries kick sullies out.
Pumped nickels cut about.
Cooling, whippersnappers pip.
Counter stabs pen a pissed slip.

This bow adjusts to outing tresses.
The thankful use addresses.
Posters whet throw-ons on a bed.
Pros soap over your head.
Company, they glance stone nags.
Carriage is a water gun for flags.

T-scores of scope, there is hymn.
To dream more, there is, slim.
Bar times reveal the doubt.
Bet 60 minutes is the Count’s.
Bees sting and lemonades do not.
Both schools fest and go to pot.

Tights curl with squints and primp.
The lizard appears to really be Jim.

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