Transcendent Zero Press: A Brief History and Outline

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Transcendent Zero Press likes to bring the poetry reader new and inspiring moments in the craft. In 2013, we published two books by nationally respected independent poets.

Marcie Eanes redefined her career with Passion’s Zest after briefly considering a different course in life. Ken Jones’ Mr. Karma has been called his finest full length book by James Adams, a Pulitzer nominee. In Mr. Karma, he explores spiritual energies that he has not before acknowledged poetically.

We were nominated with Harbinger Asylum as poetry magazine of the year 2013 by the National Poetry Awards. Harbinger Asylum is Transcendent Zero Press’s literary journal. It brags of having regular subscribers nationally, and of publishing international poets. Our first years of publication included an Egyptian poet who participated in the Arab Spring protests, a Canadian alcoholic of mystical bent and his girlfriend, and the recognized deaf Muslim playwright Sabina England with her first “atheistic piece.” We were reviewed by Dan Holloway of Eight Cuts Press online.

Many people in this country are seeking newness in the art, and our message is one of unsung heroes and overcoming the odds. During these troubled times, poetry is more fecund in its ability to comfort and heal. As founder of this press, I look for intriguing life lessons and spiritual depth in a poem. I also enjoy a poem when it connects me to simple beauty. I want to feel the intimacy I might feel when meeting with an old lover.

Transcendent Zero Press is the avant-garde in publishing. Transcendent Zero Press is reeling in the past and bridging it to the human future. You will see the sign language of the spirit, the symbol meshed with intimacy and individuality.

“I found my experience with TZ Press to be very rewarding. Their attentive and timely responses to questions was a deciding factor in me choosing them. The team impressed me with their ability to take my Passion’s Zest poetry anthology from manuscript to finished product in weeks, not months. All while keeping me abreast every step of the way. I will not hesitate in recommending to others nor using them again for future projects.” 

Marcie Eanes, author of Passion’s Zest

 “I have used Transcendent Zero Press for two of my three poetry chapbooks. Their work is amazing. I would use them again to publish another chapbook for me. Their work is very professional and delivery is on time.”

Victor “Birdman 313” Johnson, poet and web developer

“I feel great about the experience of working with Transcendent Zero Press. The services were cost effective, and Dustin Pickering was very attentive and communicated with me efficiently. I am very satisfied with the overall experience of working with Transcendent Zero Press. Dustin always answered all of my questions about the process in a timely manner. Seeing my book, “Letting Go” come to print was a dream come true. It was absolutely the best feeling ever to see that all of my hard work has paid off and I have finally become an author. “

Chloe Kirk, poet and author of Letting Go: One Woman’s Journey to Faith

Buy Chloe’s book here:

My collaboration with Transcendent Zero Press was amazing! 

It is so artistically fulfilling to work with an editor who 

understands, and appreciates, art as the powerful medium 

that it is. Dustin, as an editor, you rock! Your comments 

and critiques, in helping me to create the best book of poetry 

possible, were truly appreciated. I would recommend TZ Press 

to any aspiring writer who wants the power of their words 

to entertain and enlighten readers.  

now,      runantellyomamaboutdat!! 
henry 7. reneau, jr., author of freedomland blues

I am familiar with Dustin Pickering, founder of the press. He is an extremely well-read poet and critic. I am not sure if his readers are aware of the time Dustin honestly dedicates into studying varied subjects, be it poetry, fiction or literary and scientific nonfiction. No wonder, he chose to publish my chapbook, Reflections on Salvation, which is mostly based on Hindu philosophies and doctrines.

Kiriti Sengupta, author of Reflections on Salvation,
number one bestseller in Indian literature

13 comments on “Transcendent Zero Press: A Brief History and Outline

  1. I’d like to get a copy of your publication for a writers’ group in Wisconsin. Where can I send the necessary cost? I facilitate a senior writers’ group of 12 to 15 poets, some of whom have been published in various literary magazines, a few members of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets (


    • You can write a check or send $5 per copy to:
      Dustin Pickering
      16429 El Camino Real Apt. #7
      Houston, TX 77062

      Make checks payable to Dustin Pickering. We are a very small distribution magazine, though, so we don’t print more than 100 or so copies per issue. We distribute most of those to contributors and local poets.


    • Thank you for this write-up. I too like the Imagist poets– H.D. and others of that era. Sara Teasdale, Mina Loy, or perhaps Conrad Aiken. While not all are imagists, they are each inspiring. Keep writing– send more another time!


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