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Envisioning the Indian Muse: Essays on Contemporary Indian Poets Writing in English, a collection of critical writings, is edited by Goutam Karmakar.

Here are some words of praise concerning the collection:

It is a seminal collection and at the same time insightful and immensely erudite. Goutam Karmakar has gathered in this fascinating book some of the finest writings on Indian poetry in English. The book is a must read for scholars and lovers of poetry. – Prof. Syed Sarwar Hussain, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
This book deals with contemporary Indian poetry in English with a comprehensiveness that I have not yet come across in critical discussion. Its canvas is wide and includes themes and concerns ranging from the direct and assertive on one side to the subtle and highly symbolical on the other.  — Prof. Anand Prakash, University of Delhi
Envisioning the Indian Muse: Essays on contemporary Indian poets writing in English, edited by Goutam Karmakar, is a book of sparkling essays about Indian poets. There has never previously been a gathering like these eminent poets talking candidly about their work. The collection brings us a wealth of understanding and unparalleled access to poets, writers and editors, unravelling how their work is made. – Patricia Prime, New Zealand
Indian poetry composed by Indians in English is now recognised the world over and this book analyses the work of contemporary practitioners.This important work deserves to be made required reading in the English departments of Indian and foreign universities. – Reginald Massey, Poet and Critic
Goutam Karmakar has done Indian English poetry a great service by bringing together between the two covers of his book a rich array of essays on contemporary poets. This will undoubtedly let in a whiff of fresh air, enlivening the reader‘s interest in the changing cultural landscape of the subcontinent. – Prof. Tirthankar Das Purkayastha, Retired Professor of English, Vidyasagar University, West Bengal
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  1. Thanks for the information. The list seems to show my name, but with two mistakes. It will be Mohammad Nurul Huda, not Muhammad Nural Huma.


  2. Thank you for selecting me. It’s an honour indeed to be featured in a prestigious anthology like this. There is a small typo. My last name may please be spelled as “Uppaluri”.

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