2084: Orwellian World Order

You have come here for a reason.

Perhaps you have heard of a popular book called 1984 by George Orwell.

Perhaps this book set with you and you don’t know why. It has certainly infiltrated our discourse.

We want to revise Orwell’s vision of the dystopian future. Since Orwell seemed to have been correct on many predictions in his dystopian vision, what worse could take place?

Or is 2084 a better place? Do global tensions resolve? Does the climate improve? What happens for you in the global future of 2084? How does humanity manage the ensuing peace after the pandemic? Imagine a strange new future and send us your submission now.

Taking Orwell’s lead, construct a short fiction narrative of 1500 words or less. Submit it to 2084orwell@gmail.com. Include a third person bio of 50 words or less with your entry. Also include a synopsis of your narrative in two or three sentences at the top of the submission. Include SUBMISSION – Orwell- [your name] as your subject header.

All submissions that do not follow this format will be ignored. Questions may be addressed to 2084orwell@gmail.com with QUESTION as subject header.

Deadline is October 10th, 2022.


One comment on “2084: Orwellian World Order

  1. A wonderful journey back to the time of Orwell where it seems that all the most negative predictions about humanity were a clear sign of foresight regarding a world unfortunately technologically, but not spiritually, advanced. Will we humans be able to find the light at the end of the tunnel?

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